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Then, you get the screening report to review. These comprehensive reports make it easy to decide whether or not your applicant is a good fit. If you need a way to manage the entire renting process, Appfolio is a great choice. This service is designed for complete property management, from application to payment processing.

The best part? You can manage everything online, from the background checks to lease signing and rent payments. The system even handles late fees for you. Plus, you can access background check results in the mobile app from anywhere. LeaseRunner is a top rated background check service for landlords that run small rental businesses.

How to Run a Tenant’s Credit Report CORRECTLY

Have more questions about a tenant? You can also add on an eviction check, financial profile, or credit check.

Tenant Screening Services

Best of all, you can initiate the entire process online — the system sends the email, and the applicant can authorize the screening immediately. This program enables your potential renter to manage the background check process; then, they share the report with you. As a result, you can make a decision, all without handing social security numbers or worrying about data security.

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It enables you to check eviction, rental history, and more. We love that the reports are fast and easy to read, so you can make a decision quickly and get the best possible tenants. In comparison to the industry standard, full screening packages are affordable. Plus, since the whole system is online, it saves you time and money. When you want to avoid hidden fees, TenantAlert is a great way to screen potential renters. We like that you can pay on your own or leave it up to the tenant to process payment.

Even better? Once payment clears and the applicant authorizes the check, you get access to the report in 30 seconds. If you rent more than one unit, you know that it takes time to review background checks.

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The system can even recommend the best applicants to you based on your preferences. Once you find the right person, Buildium can even notify them for you to save even more time. MyRental is run by CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions; the company uses its experience and industry knowledge to help you screen and identify the best possible tenants.

Guarantor Financial History. Gain access to accurate and efficient financial analysis of the guarantor's or applicant who is a self-guarantor financial status. Instantly view FICO scores, summarized trade lines and detailed credit history information.

The 11 Best Tenant Background Check Services [Definitive List ]

Data includes: Open accounts, public filings such as tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments and eviction records, and payment histories. VeriFirst also helps prevent fraud by providing applicable fraud alerts. Download a Free Report and Activation Code. Download our Compliance Library for Tenant Screening. Leverage additional risk management services including Consumer and Commercial Debt Collection.

Our VeriGuide Decision Assistant can help you make your decision quickly with an at-a-glance look at whether or not an applicant meets your requirements. Managing risk one tenant at a time. Tenant Screening. Every tenant has a story. Just don't expect to read everyone like an open book. Our suite of screening services make applicant decisions and tenant management easy.

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Access for unlimited number of users to our hour web enabled screening platform. Online access to detailed rental payment and rental collection histories. Complimentary pre-screening of applicant's income and asset analysis. Run multiple searches simultaneously for instance, joint applicant and guarantor. Tenant Screenings Provide.

Identity Checks Identity Verification, SSN Trace, Address History Get instantaneous verification of identity, including: full name, social security number, date of birth, known aliases, and prior address history. Tenant Reliability Screens Tenant Eviction Record Search Instantly search statewide court records to find out whether an applicant has a history of skips, property damage, or monies owed. County Criminal Court Search A county level court search is often the most accurate, and up-to-date criminal search available.

International Watch List Find out if your applicant has been identified by the Department of the Treasury as a threat to the interests and security of the United States.