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Reproductions are interfiled with the larger collection according to speech content.

This collection contains documents such as public statements, speeches and addresses delivered by Franklin D. Roosevelt during his lifetime. The speeches range from a school debate on the annexation of Hawaii while Roosevelt was a student at Groton School to the draft of the April 13, Jackson Day address that Roosevelt never delivered because of his death the day before.

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Speech files from the pre-presidential period generally contain a typescript or reading copy of the speech or a copy of the speech text derived from other contemporary printed sources, such as newspapers or compilations. Speech files from the presidential years generally contain various drafts of the speeches, the reading copy, and an official White House stenographic transcript that indicates words deleted and words added by Roosevelt during delivery.

Also included in this collection are written Messages to Congress proposing legislation and regarding vetoes. Contents of the Master Speech File have been digitized in full, and users can access multi-page PDF versions of each original folder unit described in the Box and Folder Listing. This two year project, led by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson University, along with six other collaborating institutions listed below, would expose the history of medical education in Philadelphia through the end of the Civil War.

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As the birthplace of American medicine, Philadelphia was home to some of the greatest physicians of the period, who taught thousands of students. This project would digitize, describe, and provide access to lecture tickets, course schedules, theses, dissertations, student notes, faculty lectures notes, commencement addresses, opening addresses, and matriculation records, sharing not only the voices of the medical greats, but also the often unheard voices of students.

This digital collection will comprise: 1 60 linear-feet of manuscripts on aquatic biodiversity and cultural heritage surrounding fisheries and fish conservation efforts in the American West; 2 4, metadata records for prairie fish specimens collected over the past century; and 3 10, metadata records for the invertebrates that serve as food, pathogens, and competitors for these fish. The project, which will begin in January 1, and end December 1, , will result in an Omeka website that showcases the items alongside transcriptions of the handwritten text in the collection in English and Mandarin, and corresponding bilingual metadata.

This collection will allow for a deep exploration of the impact of the female missionaries of the Presbyterian church in this particular region and will be broadly accessible and searchable in Mandarin and English. This three-year project will bring cross-disciplinary attention to six collections that collectively illuminate understudied intersections of the Jewish and Chinese immigrant and refugee experience. These collections are significant to studies of the impact of exclusionary US legislation on individuals and communities here and abroad, artistic expressions of conflicting identities, and community formation.

Following digitization, a digital exhibit and an academic conference will extend the reach of the project by bringing together multiple scholarly fields in an investigation of overlaps between these two major New York immigrant populations.

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This Project is Phase Two of a multi-year digitization plan already in process with federal and tribal support. It will preserve, digitize, and make publicly available 2, magnetic records, for which preservation priorities and strategies have been established.

By formal agreement, digitized archives will be sent to the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, posted online and shared for safekeeping at the Library of Congress, thereby enabling general access to a collection with local, national and international significance.

The Visibility for Disability Project will provide a freely available and fully accessible digital foundation for exploring the experience of disability in the United States and the evolution of the disability rights movement. Considering both depth of coverage and national historical significance, Special Collections and University Archives at UMass Amherst SCUA will select linear feet of material for digitization representing nineteencollections.

Spanning over years of history, these collections provide valuable insight into the social, intellectual, political, and cultural background of disability and the ways in which new forms of cross-disability, rights-based activism grew within a broader civil rights struggle.

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  • Drawing on both the personal papers of activists and the records of organizations devoted to disability issues, this project will reveal the significant impact of disability activism on American politics and culture, while also providing rich resources framing the experience of physical and psychiatric disability. The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection Books, photos, articles, cartoons, manuscripts, objects, and fine art.

    Making of America - Cornell University A collaboration between the University of Michigan and Cornell University, "Making of America MOA is a digital library of primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction. Making of America - University of Michigan A collaboration between the University of Michigan and Cornell University, "Making of America MOA is a digital library of primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction.

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    Browse subjects in books or titles and dates in journals or conduct a search. The use of the materials is free but there is an option to purchase printed copies. Milestones: This section of the Office of the Historian site provides an overview of key incidents involving foreign relations during the Civil War. National Park Service : The Civil War Information about the historical parks, but also Soldiers and Sailors Database under People lets you search by name to connect soldiers to their units and their units to their battles.

    The sailors portion has records of African American sailors. Quick numbers and statistics can be found on the Facts page. Seeking Michigan Digital Collections of primary sources include oral histories, Civil War manuscripts, death records and early documents. It includes Archives of Michigan research guides and indexes, a blog, and educator resources — all from the Michigan Historical Center and Archives of Michigan staff.

    Smithsonian Online Digital Archives - Digitized primary sources. Choose a collection, read the overview, and then continue to the contents. American Memory from the Library of Congress This site from the Library of Congress provides access to historical texts, photos, oral histories, maps, sheet music and recordings. The site can be searched and browsed. The search box is not on the first page, but below the main picture and to the left you will see "Search by Keywords". Click on it to search for a particular topic.

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    You can also browse the records by narrator or state. Salmon P. Chronicling America "Chronicling America is a Website providing access to information about historic newspapers and select digitized newspaper pages,.

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    Civil War Maps. Confederate States of America Records more Click on the finding aid below featured items, to the left. In the finding aid, choose content items at the top to get a better understanding on the types of materials in each section.