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These properties may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance benefits, etc. This site allows you to search the Unclaimed Property Database to determine if we may be holding unclaimed property belonging to you or your family or business.

Interest-bearing and other Income-earning Property

Unclaimed property is reported in the name of the owner s along with additional owner information if available , provided by the reporting company. The Unclaimed Property Program will regularly update this database to include new names reported and to remove those which have completed the claim process and property has been returned to its rightful owner s.

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Claim status updates are available to you in the following ways Email Updates: Emails will be sent to the email address you provided while initiating your claim. Check the Status Link Below : You must register using the claimant login link below. This link will allow you to manually check the status of your claim.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

One of life's most pleasant surprises is finding money that you never knew you had. Unclaimed funds are money that has been turned over to the government because the owner cannot be located. How does this happen? Well, there are a number of reasons why money and assets go unclaimed claimed by its owner. It may be due to a bank closure a. It could be tax refunds that cannot be sent to the taxpayer because he or she moved without updating his or her home address.

Unclaimed funds also include uncashed dividends or payroll checks, safe deposit boxes, and insurance policy money. Ok, so how do you get your hands on some of that unclaimed money?

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  7. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do this. The US federal government does not maintain a central database of all unclaimed funds and other assets. It also does not have information on the unclaimed assets in each state.

    But before you get discouraged, we've got a list of the free, official sources where you can find out if some of that unclaimed money is yours. You can do an initial check by visiting MissingMoney. Most state-level unclaimed property programs submit their official collective records to this database weekly.

    The Wage and Hour Division of the US Department of Labor is responsible for enforcing the country's comprehensive labor laws including recovering unpaid wages on behalf of employees. If an employee cannot be located, the wages are held in the division's keeping for three years before the money is sent to the US Treasury. If you think you may have back wages owed to you by your employer, you can search the database by entering your employer's name.

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    Sometimes, when an insurance company merges with other companies, sells off policies, or goes out of business, it becomes hard to keep track of which company holds your policy. In fact, it is not uncommon for a beneficiary to be unaware that he or she has unclaimed funds. If you want to learn which company is holding your policy, you can check with the insurance department in the state where your insurance policy was purchased or where your former insurance company had its headquarters.

    Reclaiming Property or Evidence - City of Minneapolis

    If the company that you used to work for merged with another company, moved, went out of business, or ended a defined plan, you can check the status of your pension plan and see if you have any unclaimed pension money. Instead of you owing the IRS, they may be the one who owes you a check. If you had money stored away in a federally-insured bank that failed, you can locate that money by visiting the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC database.

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