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If my job involved flying and I had to undergo security every day it would get tiresome and tedious but it is part of a job. And did it come with burden? Yup, if I wanted the job I had to undergo random physical checks, polygraphs, financial disclosure forms, etc. If your job is flying you should have to undergo various security jobs, at a minimum on a random basis but no one should be excepted from them all the time.

Anyhow since we were flying business or first we got a scannable pass to bypass much of the security line.

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Anyhow we met up with them again at the baggage scanner and one FA in particular was a real pain. We had no trouble going through it but I found it amusing how the security guy was chastising her for not following procedures.

  1. TSA Background Checks for Training in Aircraft Over 12,500 Pounds?
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Apparently the rules there did apply to her. Unfortunately some bad people get into certain jobs and do bad things. And screening for alcohol should be a mandatory thing before allowing anyone in the cockpit. You cannot pass through until your face pops up through the data base. The uniform rule existed in the past and then was modified. I used to simply change when I was through whenever I was not officially traveling. You do realize, right, that crew passes an FBI background check before being hired, right? We are always subject to random searches and still limited as to what we can bring through.

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What would be really silly would be for your pilots to have to stand in the security line for an hour, only to be forced to remove shoes, belts, etc, in front of the passengers on the flights they are about to operate. Yet this scene happened frequently before KCM was widely adopted. The new uniform requirements are silly. I may have to get from my home to, say, Incheon South Korea over a period of two or three days before I actually operate a flight.

That travel time is work for me I am away from my home and family. However, in addition to being uncomfortable and inconvenient, forcing me to wear a uniform during my travels is a personal security issue for me. Everybody now knows that I am a credentialed crewmember and that makes me somewhat of a target.

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I would much prefer to move through the airport incognito. When you pass security into the United Arab Emirates you have an retina scan biometric.

Takes only a second or two. All airside personnel should have to pass security and a biometric identification before being passed to airside. There are few reasons for this and none are acceptable. One likely scenario is fairness. It is possible some people have complained about a select group being able to go through wothout uniform. Another is the new FAA head pusinh his corporate airline executive mentality on crews by encouraging such an action by TSA.

As for the pathetic folks who like this notion, one has to wonder why you like wearing the uniform so much. Andcas for people not at work.


Jumpseating is exactly for pilots who are not yet at work or done with it. There is no logical reason to require the uniform. You might even want to have different more intrusive?

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  • The well-known trope in terrorism is that as soon as one group is exempt, they become the weapon of choice. The Israelis never used to search Palestinian women because they were never terrorists. Guess what happened next? In Peru, why was it that children were used by the Shining Path as suicide bombers? Biometrics really? The rule is supposed to add to the list of disqualifying offenses and extend the lookback period to at least 15 years. Unfortunately, TSA tossed this on the shelf until at least While this particular rule would not likely have stopped the recent theft of a Horizon airplane from SeaTac airport , it does highlight gaps in the employee vetting process — one of which are the anemic background check regulations.

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    What might disqualify me from passing the TSA’s background check?

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    Welcome Mavic Pilot! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. TSA vetting - what will cause you not to pass the vetting process. Thread starter onespeed Start date Jan 2, Joined Jan 2, Messages 16 Reaction score 3 Age Joined Dec 1, Messages Reaction score Based on information provided, a check of the terrorist watch list and a criminal background check.

    Rejection for the criminal background check seems to be a TSA call, and they don't publish specifics, but can be appealed. Joined Jan 21, Messages 2 Reaction score 0 Age That's like the US Courts not posting what is and is not legal. This whole thing about the TSA doing it on a "call it as we see it" basis is not a proper, legal or ethical procedure. I have looked high and low, and i can not find anything from the TSA on this matter. After careful review, we have determined that your inquiry falls outside TSA's jurisdiction. I asked you what convictions can disqualify me from obtaining a Commercial Drone License?

    After all, you are the people who do the background check and vetting and make the final decision! Or, you could merely publish the cans and cant's online for people to read, and if my conviction is listed then I won't waste my time and money. TSA does not directly interact with applicants. Once vetting is complete, the FAA may issue the certificate.

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