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These partnerships will leverage the ability of electric car batteries to store energy and share it with homes, businesses and power grids — making electric vehicles even more useful, while promoting efficient energy use. Meanwhile, LEAF owners have driven their cars more than 10 billion kilometers in total.

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The number of LEAF vehicles sold since is enough to save 3. Last year, the LEAF was not only the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, but also the top-selling car of any kind in Norway. It will go on sale in six new markets in Latin America in the first half of this year and seven in Asia and Oceania by the end of the year. The Nissan LEAF has also opened up a new world of clean energy capabilities that stretch beyond efficient transportation.

It enables electric vehicle owners to easily connect their cars with energy systems to charge their batteries, power homes and businesses or help balance power grids.

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  • As part of Nissan Energy, the company has already started infrastructure pilots in Europe, Japan and the U. Nissan Energy also includes new efforts to reuse batteries, a vital step in enhancing the sustainability of electric vehicles. Along with strategic partners, Nissan has taken LEAF batteries and repurposed them for use in off-grid street lighting, power banks for sports complexes, and more. ProPILOT technology is designed to support the driver and is not a substitute for proper driving procedures and continuous road awareness.

    Always drive carefully, ensuring you pay attention to the road and conditions around you.

    The Death of the EV-1 | Science | Smithsonian

    Oil consumption data is based on U. MY18 EPA range is miles.

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    Combined driving cycle range is kilometers under Europe's new WLTP emissions and economy standard. Driving range figures are obtained under specific test conditions. Actual range will vary with trim levels, optional equipment, maintenance, driving behavior ambient temperature and weather and driving conditions; see Customer Disclosure Form for details. We use cookies to provide you with an innovative and exciting website.

    History of the electric vehicle

    Most of all, the cars are just better than they used to be. The Hyundai Kona electric is perhaps the best articulation of these converging trends. In short, not as many people in the U. We live in the age of the crossover, which along with trucks, outsell sedans by roughly So if you want to sell an electric vehicle today, it should be a crossover.

    Tesla sold 25, of its budget, Model 3 car in December Thus far, electric crossovers have been fairly elusive, let alone affordable electric crossovers.

    The Death of the EV-1

    In this regard, cars like the electric Kona are potentially game-changing. So if electric crossovers are cheap enough and big enough, will Americans buy them?

    Range anxiety the concern that your car will run out of electricity on the road and price continue to be the two biggest barriers to buying an EV. But it also means your battery might supply all of 20 miles of charge in the first place. Gas engine backup, in some ways, only works to reinforce the fear of driving a fully electric vehicle, making its range feel more finite. For most people in the United States, the fully electric cars of today fit range needs by a long shot.

    The average person commutes well under 10 miles to work—even if that commute takes an average of 52 minutes a day. Sexton argues that this creates a difference between our perceived needs and our real needs. We spend a lot of time in the car each day—and commute times get worse each year—so we naturally assume we drive a lot of miles. Cross-country trips also require planning, but a nationwide network of highway charging stations will be complete by that should make the task easier.

    The History of Tesla in 5 Minutes

    In any case, people do adjust to owning EVs, and quickly. Sexton cites a Nissan study presented at a conference , surveying new buyers of its electric Leaf. And this study surveyed a Leaf with an mile range, or about one third the range of modern EVs.


    A separate German study, with participants driving an electric Mini Cooper with a mile range, found that range anxiety disappeared after three months. This is a similar kind of thing.

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    Sometimes supply does drive demand. Nobody could have asked for an iPhone before Apple invented the thing. So it is with electric cars. They see it as sort of inevitable because of regulations they have to meet. Beyond Tesla, which built a business around EVs, auto manufacturers have optimized themselves over a century to build gasoline cars.