Can i change my name on my birth certificate

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A correction can only be made when the information on the certificate is wrong. The certificate cannot be corrected to show new information if your circumstances change after the birth is registered. Therefore the only sort of correction you could make to your child's name in this way would be if it had been spelt or copied down wrongly. If a correction is made, the information given on the original birth record will always be shown as it was first given, but a note will be written against the registration explaining what the correct information should be and the date when the correction was made.

Any full certificates issued from that point on will include the note in the margin.

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Only certain types of DNA tests are acceptable as evidence. Tests shown as being for peace of mind or not suitable for legal purposes cannot be accepted. Only DNA tests where the identities of the persons tested have been established can be used to support a correction. A correction is made by inserting a note in the margin of the child's birth registration.

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The correcting marginal note and the original information will still appear in all full birth certificates issued from the birth entry in future. However, the correction will not put the true father's details into the birth entry.

How to Change Your Name After Your Wedding

The wrong father is presumed to have parental responsibility unless it's shown to be false, by one of the following:. He can only lose his parental responsibility by order of the court. The new birth record replaces the original record and future birth certificates are issued from the new record. If your child has been baptised in a Christian church, you can add the baptismal names to the register.

They may charge you for this.

You should then send the certificate to the original register office where the birth was registered. Note that only the baptismal names can be added to the register. To change given name on a birth certificate of a person younger than 1 year , send a completed and signed birth certificate correction form as outlined above.

To change the given name on a birth certificate of a person older than 1 year , contact your local county court to obtain a certified copy of a legal name change order before submitting the birth certificate correction form. The legal name change form can be downloaded from the Colorado State Judicial Branch.

How do I have a spelling mistake on a birth certificate corrected?

Sex change. Certified copies of corrections and testimonial letter.

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Complete this form to receive either:. A certified copy of the birth correction form used to make a change to the birth certificate. This certified copy may be submitted to agencies requiring evidence that a change was made to the birth record.

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