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Bribery penalties include a term of imprisonment of no more than 10 years, a fine, or a monetary penalty of twice the benefit received from the bribe. Corrupt influence of a public official penalties include a term of imprisonment of between 6 months and 5 years, and possible fines. Willful and intentional violation of the terms of a public officer's oath shall be punished by imprisonment of between 1 and 5 years.

Altering, stealing, embezzling, etc.

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Actions obtained by virtue of a violation of the Standard of Conduct are voidable in the same manner as voidable contracts. Restitution also required. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in: voiding any favorable action obtained by virtue of the violation; restitution requirements. Additionally, employees may be subject to reprimand, probation, demotion, suspension, or discharge.

Idaho Code Ann. A legislator convicted of any crime under the Legislative Power chapter shall forfeit his or her office and be forever disqualified from holding any office in the state. Iowa Code Ann. Any violation of the State Governmental Ethics provision, except as otherwise specified, is a misdemeanor subject to censure or forfeiture of office based upon a determination by the ethics commission.

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Violations of criminal law provisions are sentenced according to guidelines provided by law that depend on the severity level and the number of crimes committed. Violations of the Code of Legislative Ethics may constitute ethical misconduct, Ky. Salary extortion has the same penalty range. Regardless of classification of a crime, may fine any higher amount that the limits prescribed that does not exceed twice the pecuniary gain derived from the crime by the defendant. Ethics violations may be penalized by reprimand, censure, or expulsion or other penalties. Bribery is a misdemeanor.

In addition to other remedies provided by law, a violation of the Public Ethics Law shall be grounds to void any state action taken based on the violative act or acts. May also, upon approval of the Attorney General, order payment of additional damages in an amount not to exceed twice the advantage. Laws Ann.

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Results in ineligibility to serve in any public office in the state. Also results in forfeiture and permanent disqualification from holding public office. Unauthorized compensation paid to a public officer is a misdemeanor. For violations of the campaign finance and public disclosure provisions, the ethics board may impose civil penalties and issue orders for compliance.

Dozens of ethics-adjacent criminal penalties with varying fines and maximum terms of imprisonment are listed at Miss. Also results in forfeiture of office and permanent disqualification from holding any public office in the state. Class IV felonies:. A public officer convicted of any felony or malfeasance in office shall forfeit of his or her office, and shall be permanently disqualified from holding any public office in this State.

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Additionally, may issue recommendations of disciplinary action to the chamber from which a violator holds office, such as removal. First degree crimes:. State Ethics Commission may institute a civil action in district court, or refer a matter to the attorney general or a district attorney, for a violation of the Financial Disclosure Act. Violations of the Governmental Conduct Act are subject to the same range of penalties. Maximum sentence of 15 years. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in fines or removal from office or employment.

If the ethics committee finds a violation of ethics and elections occurred, it may issue a private admonishment to a legislator, refer the matter to the Attorney General for criminal investigation and prosecution, or refer the matter to the appropriate house for action, which may include censure and expulsion.

Each house of the legislative assembly is empowered to punish, by imprisonment, as for contempt, a person who is guilty of one or more of the following: knowingly arresting a member or officer of the house or procuring such member or officer to be arrested in violation of the member or officer's privilege from arrest; disorderly conduct in the immediate view of the house and directly tending to interrupt its proceedings; refusing to attend and be examined as a witness either before the house, any committee thereof, or before any person authorized to take testimony in legislative proceedings; giving or offering a bribe to a member or attempting to menace by corrupt means.

All of the offenses mentioned in this paragraph are also class A misdemeanors. Any person who pleads nolo contendere or guilty, or is convicted of extortion, embezzlement, bribery, malfeasance or misfeasance in office, or fraudulent conversion of public moneys or property, or for any misdemeanor in office, shall forfeit his office. Violations of the Code of Ethics are punishable by up to 3 times the damage caused to the public treasury, and may be disqualified by a term of 10 years from any contract with an executive agency of Puerto Rico, in addition to other penalties.

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Violations of ethics standards all subject to restitution and reprimand by the State Ethics Commission. Gov't Code Ann. If more than 30 days late, commission issues a warning. Violations of the Public Officers' and Employees Ethics Act may be punishable by dismissal from employment or removal from office. Utah Code Ann. Note, however, that enforcement provisions relating to campaign statements or reports are subject to Va. A false or forged document that is filed, with actual malice, is a class C felony. Class B felonies:. Also results in permanent disqualification from office.

Willful and knowing disclosure of information made confidential is subject to administrative sanction. Giving false or misleading material information to the commission or inducing another to do so is subject to administrative sanction.

Criminal violations described above may result in removal from office after judgment of conviction. Create Account. Oversight Committee v. Class C felonies: Legislator soliciting or receiving a bribe. Class D felonies: Unlawful alteration of proposed legislative measure. Unlawful alteration of enrolled legislative measure. Gross Misdemeanors: Interfering with legislative process.

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Chambers of the legislature may imprison any person who interferes with the legislative process for contempt. Legislator holding a prohibited interest or in certain contracts, which results in forfeiture of office.


Exercising certain legislative privileges after leaving office. Class B felonies: For an intentional violation of this chapter where a penalty is not otherwise specified. Penalty includes term of imprisonment for not more than 20 years or less than 2 years. Class C felonies: Intentional violation of this chapter relating to secrecy. Penalty includes term of imprisonment for not more than 10 years or less than 1 year and 1 day. Class A misdemeanors: Knowing violation of disclosure requirements.

For a violation where a penalty is not otherwise specified. Any person who makes false statements to the commission or an employee of the commission without reason to believe the accuracy of the statements. Intentionally failing to disclose information required by this chapter.

How much do incarcerated people earn in each state?

Failure to disclose a conflict of interest. Class B misdemeanors: Misuse of confidential information. Penalty includes term of imprisonment for not more than 6 months, plus no more than double any gain to the defendant or loss to the victim caused by the crime. Class B felonies: Bribery. Term of imprisonment of not more than 10 years, with presumptive ranges that vary based on the circumstances. Class A misdemeanors: Unlawful gratuities. Failure to report bribery.

Official misconduct, i. Misuse of confidential information. Term of imprisonment of not more than 1 year, with presumptive sentences that vary based on circumstance.

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Class 4 felonies: Bribery. Terms of imprisonment vary. Mitigated: 1 year. Minimum: 1. Presumptive: 2. Maximum: 3 years. Aggravated: 3. A public official or employee may forfeit retirement benefits. Class 6 felonies: Intentional violation of one of the ethics provisions in Ariz.