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A practice management software for dentists that runs on the Classic OS 9 operating system. Dental R. A foot-operated mouse that can be used for perio data entry. Similar to US insurance member IDs. The working area of a computer screen regarded as a representation of a notional desktop that contains icons, windows, toolbars, files, and folders that can be created, edited, moved, and deleted. The main area of the MacPractice window.

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The detail area contains the information associated to the selected sidebar record. The detail area is where most data-entry occurs in MacPractice. An instrument that is connected to the computer, but not a part of it, like a printer or a modem. Windows-based digital radiography sensor and software that MacPractice can bridge to.

A protocol used to distribute IP addresses to client computers. The DHCP server checks for an available IP address and sends it to the client computer along with a lease period, the length of time the client computer may use the address. The identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms, identified by a code on an insurance claim. A window that requests additional information from the user and is explicitly dismissed by clicking a button within the dialog; for example, OK, Cancel, or Print.

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A standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol. DICOM images typically have the. The act of speaking words for transcription by speech recognition software. Relating to or using signals or information represented by discrete values of a physical quantity, to represent arithmetic numbers or approximations to numbers from a continuum or logical expressions and variables.

Typically anything that is not analog is digital. A purchased ability for MacPractice DDS that allows users to import, manage and maintain radiograph images. Referring to shaded or grayed-out icons, menu items, buttons, or options in a dialog. Dimmed items cannot be selected. Disability information is commonly required for worker's compensation claims. The disallowed amount is the difference between the amount submitted and the amount paid on a charge. A device that allows a computer to read from and write to computer disks.

A term referring to the amount of hard drive space free or in use by files and applications on a computer. Disk space is not to be confused with memory. A hub used by a Planmeca device that connects it to the network. A separate Medicare payer independent of Medicare Part B that covers durable medical equipment such as prosthetics, braces, crutches, etc.

Providers will need to be credentialed with a supplier number to send DME claims. An extension used by disk image files.

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The format allows secure password protection as well as file compression and hence serves both security and file distribution functions. A distributed database that maps IP addresses to domain names. If DNS information is not accurately entered, it is possible that Internet access will not be available. An application launcher that comes with Mac OS X.

The Dock is located along the edge of the screen. It contains icons for many of the applications available on the computer, and icons can be dragged to and from the Dock. Scanning software that can send scanned files directly to MacPractice. An intra-oral camera developed by National Dental, Inc. A file or information created with a computer program. An application which is used to store MacPractice backups in the cloud.

To position the pointer over something, and then press and release the mouse button twice in quick succession without moving the mouse. To copy data from one computer to another. The number of dots that can be placed horizontally and vertically. To position the pointer on something, press and hold the mouse button, move the mouse, and release the mouse button.

When the mouse button is released, a selection is either highlighted or an object is moved to a new location. A window that slides out from a parent window when users click a button or choose a command. MacPractice uses a couple drawers, such as the database configuration drawer and the drawer in the application itself. A program that controls the operation of a peripheral device such as a printer or scanner. Only the owner has full access. A family of technologies that provides digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network.

A type of DVD that can be written to in multiple sessions. A device, such as a portable media player or set-top box, that records digital video to file-based media such as a hard disk or optical disc. A company that manufactures label writers and labels. With dynamic addressing, a device can have a different IP address each time it connects to the network.

EANs are used within the Inventory ability to distinguish retail items. The EAN may be entered manually or obtained by scanning a barcode. Also see UPC.

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Earned amounts are determined by the provider that performed the service, as listed in the Charge window, and are based on the date payment is applied. A purchased ability in MacPractice that allows users to track, manage and maintain electronic claims. The exchange of standardized document forms between computer systems for business use.

The EDI department at MacPractice handles all electronic claims, electronic remittance advice and electronic statements, as well as real-time transaction support through our clearinghouses' portal services. To modify, change or correct an item or entry in the database. A menu near the application menu that contains editing commands like Copy, Cut, and Paste. The EDR ability is a purchased ability for MacPractice DDS that allows users to create, edit, electronic forms, and enter, edit and maintain electronic form data.

If the provider has an EFT agreement with a payer, the payer will deposit funds into the provider's bank account via an automated banking clearinghouse ACH. Checking eligibility involves contacting the payer, either by telephone or the internet, to confirm the patient's coverage is active for the date of service.

Provides data-conversion services for many MacPractice users. A class of procedure codes incorporating office visits, consultations and general patient evaluation.

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To incorporate a text or code within the body of a file or document. The Scale slider adjusts the perceived depth of the image. Flagging a procedure as an emergency procedure may affect reimbursement rates from payers. A password that may be used by staff in the event of an emergency that grants them administrative access. To delete all the contents of the Trash. Once the Trash has been emptied, the files are no longer retrievable. An application that reproduces the function or action of a different computer or software system, most commonly a different operating system.

A general term used to refer to a patient's office visit.


A printed form that usually contains a care slip, used to recount the details of a patient appointment. Sometimes referred to as a routing slip or a superbill. To convert information or data into a cipher or code to prevent unauthorized access. A key or password used to cipher or decipher an encryption algorithm. The end date should only be used when coverage for a plan ends on a specific date, for example if a patient changes insurance plans or employers.

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Enrollment typically refers to enrolling for electronic claims submission. To input text-based information or data; for example, in a text field or spreadsheet, or at a command-line prompt. Such text is typically entered by typing, but it could also be copied and pasted, or even dragged.

Unique Physician Identification Number

A key on the numeric keypad that usually has the same function as Return; that is, it confirms a choice or tells a program that the user is ready to proceed. A web-based prescribing ability integrated within the MacPractice software. It's required in every state and is designed to improve the health of low-income children, by financing appropriate and necessary pediatric services. A key that can be pressed in some applications to get back to the menu or to cancel a procedure that is in progress.

Ethernet is the most common type of connection computers use in a local area network LAN. A spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Windows and Macintosh computers that MacPractice can export to.