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Mayor's Courts are not considered trial courts or courts of record and are not subject to the supervision of the Ohio Supreme Court. Mayor's Courts are not authorized to conduct jury trials. If a defendant is entitled to and desires a jury trial then the case is transferred to the jurisdiction's trial court of limited jurisdiction Municipal Court or County Court. There has been criticism of the courts. Moyer pointed out that the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that there is an unconstitutional conflict of interest for a mayor to levy a fine paid into a budget that the mayor himself controls.

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Search official public records for this jurisdiction to determine real property ownership. Property Tax Search 2. Recorded Documents.

Greene County Recorder. Search official public records for this county to see real estate transactions. Sheriff Sales. View listing of property being sold by the county sheriff. Soil Evaluators and Designers. Greene County Health Department.

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Search official county records of registered soil evaluators and designers. Unclaimed Funds. Greene County Treasurer. Search official records of unclaimed money held by the county. Unclaimed Funds - Money. Search official records of companies that are registered vendors of the county.

Business Filings. Voter Registration Verification. Greene County Board of Elections. Search official county voter registration records by name. Voter Registration. Building Contractors. City of Dayton Building Services. Search official city licensing records for building contractors.

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Building Permits. Search official city permits by permit number or address. Crime Map.

City of Dayton Police Department. Search official crime reports from this police agency. Crime Maps Criminal Records.

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Daily Crime and Fire Logs. Wright State University Police Department. Search official crime and fire calls to the university police department. Incident Reports. Housing Court Docket. City of Dayton Municipal Court. Municipal Court - Civil. Municipal Court - Criminal, Traffic. Municipal Court Docket. Search official court dockets for civil, criminal and traffic cases.

Parking Tickets. Search for parking tickets by ticket number or license plate. Wright State University Parking and Transportation. Search for parking tickets by ticket number, plate or license plate. Student and Faculty Directory. Wright State University. Search official directory by name for students currently enrolled and faculty members.

Traffic Citations. Free search allows you to enter citation number or plate to obtain information on citations. Crash Reports. Beavercreek , Greene County, Ohio. City of Beavercreek Police Department. Search accident reports by report number, name, location or date of accident.

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Bellbrook , Greene County, Ohio. City of Bellbrook Police Department. Search accident reports by date. Building Permits and Building Contractors. Fairborn , Greene County, Ohio. City of Fairborn Building Inspection Division. Search official city building permits and city records of registered building contractors. City of Fairborn Police Department. Municipal Court - Civil, Criminal, Traffic. Fairborn Municipal Court. Search official court records for criminal, traffic and civil cases. Wilberforce, Greene County, Ohio. Search accident reports by name, report number and date of accident.

Xenia , Greene County, Ohio.

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City of Xenia Police Department. Search accident reports by report number or date of accident or name. Xenia, Greene County, Ohio.

City of Xenia Municipal Court.