Tracking someone through their cell phone

How To Track People By Their Cell Phones - Track Cell Phone Location Easy, Gps Tracking

This feature has been a part of iOS since version 5, so no download is necessary. It works with iCloud — so you can easily access it through a browser or another iOS device — and the location of your missing device will show on a map, along with the option to show where it has recently been.

You can remotely lock the phone, display an emergency message, or erase stored data if the phone has been lost forever. Those with smartphones can use a number of different location-sharing apps to let you know where they are. Facebook and Twitter both have location-aware check-in features, and Swarm has some pretty robust location-sharing features as well. However, we have a few more favorites for you to check out.

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  • How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing.
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Simply open Google Maps and tap the hamburger menu at the top left, then choose Location sharing and you can choose to share your location with people via the person icon with the plus sign at the top right. You can choose to share your location for a limited period of time or until you turn the function off. Anyone you share your location with will see your icon on the map when they open Google Maps.

How to Tap A Cell Phone with Just the Number?

Google is constantly tweaking and improving this service and it has become a great resource over time. The app uses cell phone signal triangulation to find people and makes location sharing easy.

Enhanced potential of phone tracking and locating with mSpy Phone Tracker

If you and your companions use iPhones, you can use iMessage to share your location. The app is also great for chatting and video calling. Several major networks also offer phone tracking services and apps, paired with a multitude of family safety and location services and features. All come with a free trial, but you will have to pay a subscription to continue using them. This is a relatively simple task. You might also consider using Find My Friends.

Follow all the necessary steps to set up the account and make sure that it works.

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  • Find out how to keep tabs on your phone with these handy tracking tips and apps.
  • Learn How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number.

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20 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing (By Number)

The phones that can be tracked are generally smartphones, which run on operating systems such as Android, Windows, Apples, etc. It works just like any other software that one may install on the phone. The Monitoring software , usually through the internet, transmits a signal to a server or another device about its current position.

This can be accessed by another authorized user, to know about the exact location of the individual.

20 Free GPS Phone Trackers to Track a Cell Phone without Them Knowing

It is one of the most effective ways to know about the location of an individual. At the same time however, there are some limitations to this software. Also to note here is that the software used tend to be both free as well as paid. This is one of the more difficult tricks to pull off, and something which can only be done by professionals. It is a bit difficult to explain the entire process, and it is therefore simplified for the sake of understanding. The position of any phone is revealed to a cell phone tower, whenever any signal is transmitted or received.

This can however be made more accurate, if the signal is received or transmitted by multiple cell phone towers, so as to get a rough idea of the distance between each tower and the cell phone. Do note that the process is rather slow and cumbersome. Quite often, tools like these are out of limits for most civilians, but are used by law enforcement to track down suspects and law breakers. In fact, the majority of the times that this strategy is used are by law enforcement and other government agencies, rather than individuals.


Given the amount of expertise, technology and coordination it takes, this is something that would be difficult to expect an ordinary citizen to engage in. One of the most important is that of legality. Also to be added here is that these laws apply to cell phones as well as other forms of technology such as the internet. If you would like to know more about the exact legal nature of it all, it is a good idea to consult a local lawyer, as they will be familiar with local laws. Do note that laws change with jurisdiction, meaning that you will have to check this up with multiple lawyers, if you are intending to engage in any sort of monitoring over multiple jurisdictions.

The penalty for any unauthorized access may range from a small fine to imprisonment, depending on the nature of the privacy violation.

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  7. As a whole, there are certainly ways in which one can go about achieving this task, even if it seems a bit difficult.