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Mr Justice Bateson:Nothing which I have seen in the case comes within the definition of cruelty and I shall not grant any judicial seperation. Barker, for the co-respondent, asked that co-respondent be dismissed from the suit and pay his own costs. Mr Justice Bateson: Very Well.

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Southport, for dissolution of his marriage with Louisa Halstead, who gave an address at Stamford Place. Leeds, on the ground of her alleged misconduct with Kenneth Gibson, son of a wholesale pottery dealer, at Southport. Both the respondent and the co-respondent denied misconduct, and Mrs.

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Halstead asked for judicial separation, alleging cruelty, which Mr. Halstead denied. Halstcad were married Justice Bateson, summing up, said the question cruelty was for him to decide. Its only relevance was to help the jury to determine who was telling the truth.


The husband and wife had. And they had apparently been on good terms since. The husband had prove his case, and the proof lie offered was the statement that on the night of April The jury could not get much better proof, if they believed it. It was agreed that the co-respondent Gibson and Mrs. There was no dispute that Gibson was trying to kiss Mrs Halstead.

The assertion was that it was a drunken attempt by the co-respondent Gibson, which came to nothing. No evidence of cruelty The jury found that Mrs. Halstead and Gibson had not committed misconduct. Willis asked for an order on the wife's petition for judicial seperation. He was divorced, a Theatre and Cinema Manager, born 12 June His usual address at the time was recorded as 40 Abbey Road, Llandudno. She was married, born 8 November There was one more redacted person in the household. Jan From Liverpool, Lancashire on the Cedric.

He was a Clerk aged 26, a bachelor residing at Campbell Street. He was also invloved with ARP Casualties. She was married, born 5 June She was a Frame Tenter aged 20, a spinster residing at 28 Argyle Street. She was married, born 12 August There were also four children in the household. She was a widow, born 4 November She was married, born 25 December There were two other redacted people in the household. January He was married, a Cotton Spinner, born 1 September There was one other redacted person in the household.

Apr Research Note: They had no children. She was a Weaver aged 21, a spinster residing at 36 Abbott Street, Bury. She was married, born 10 January There were also three children in the household. He was married, a Labourer Plastic Board, born 1 March Dec She was a monir, a spinster residing in St James's.

By Licence. She was aged 31, a spinster residing in this parish. She was a Carpet Weaver aged 29, a spinster residing at 5 Hunsworth Lane.

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She was married, born 11 June There were also two redacted people in the household. He was a Leather Salesman aged 25, a bachelor residing at Tanner Street. He was married, a Leather Sorter and Salesman, born 27 April Marty loved to ride motorcyles and be outdoors. He loved to go hunting, spend time with family especially his kids. He enjoyed the Machinist course that he was currently enrolled and was expected to graduate in May of He was preceded in death by his father, Jack McKee, Jr. Brother Dale Mortensen will officiate the service.

Willie Ray Beasley, where he gave his life to Christ at a very early age and was Baptized a believer. Mary Springer. Mary enjoyed doing needlepoint, crafting and loved to travel places. She very much loved to go fishing, but she really enjoyed when she could catch them.

Josie Gibson looks radiant in a green floral dress as she dotes on baby son Reggie

Thank you all so very much for the kindness shown, the attention given and dedicated service to taking care of Mary. It is greatly appreciated. Father Sklar will officiate the service. Daniel J. Betty Lou Bolding Whiteley. Whiteley before his passing. Services will be officiated by the Reverend Wayne Squyres. Friends and family are invited to a reception at the First Baptist Church in Merryville, LA, immediately following burial. Zerlene Denmond Johnson.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Finis Johnson, Sr. Brother Maurice Bynum will officiate the service. Tommy worked in the paper industry his entire career. Tommy, a veteran, was an active member of the American Legion, he served many roles to include: Chaplain, 1 st Commander, 2 nd Vice Commander and Area Commander for several posts within the district. He was currently serving as the Area Commander for District 7.

Brother Marty Romero will officiate the service.