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By the time he got out of high school he could play any instrument. He was very smart.. Cristal Rodriguez revealed to The Contra Costa Times that police had informed her that her son had been intoxicated at the time of the deadly incident. Rodriguez told the newspaper Bradley 'didn't have a lot of street sense.

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Rodriguez also told the newspaper her son spoke Spanish fluently and had been active in high school extracurriculars. The newspaper reported that other surviving family members include Bradley's father and two brothers. Seth Bradley mourned his brother on Facebook, writing 'As most of you know, my brother zach died yesterday night after a party in Okland,California. I was suppose to go visit him in a couple weeks at Berkeley. I wish you didn't have to go. We used to be like the three musketeers, but yesterday we lost a memeber. Rip zach I know your playing the piano somewhere. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Comments 37 Share what you think. Looking back…she had a love for people who we think are broken…however she will tell you they are the most happiest people in the world. I wish I could have embraced more of her spirit and because of her I will live the rest of my days trying to embrace what she had.

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I lost my Daughter Emily Fletcher on Sept 1st to an overdose of Herion, She struggled with addiction for 10 years or more, started with pain pill and xanax then to the Meth and Herion. She had been in recovery and was doing great and then she relapsed and was thrown out of halfway house. My heart is so broken and I miss her so bad. Kings County Behavioral Health would like to remember those people who have lost their lives due to an overdose:.

Larry Serreno, Eddie Perez Sr. May these individuals and all those who lost their lives to an overdose related death rest in peace and may their family find comfort through all the memories of the moments they shared with them in this life. Our son Jos. We new it was coming.

The struggle for 6 years. The failures , The trials.

We miss him so much. Forever Casey, My precious little boy. Wish I knew where you are because I miss you and have lost my way without you. At least you are free of all the pain and suffering all addicts endure. Mommy is so sorry. Will never be the same without you but I promise to try to carry on and help others with their battle and keep your memory alive. I see you everywhere and hear your messages, keep them going if you can…it is my only comfort.

Your smile was so toxic, got you out of everything, ha. But I have been waiting for my hug for so long. And I miss our nightly phone calls. Oh Casey…Love you more than anyone could love anything. Please go with God and be happy in this afterlife. Please God, grant him some happiness that he really never got in life. And if it is not too much to ask, please God, let me have my hug from my Casey someday.

Gonna take some time to do the things we never had? Love you so much Bean. Jordan Spencer Clark, Not a day goes by without you being in my thoughts. How we became friends in such a short time still amazes me. Had you lived and stayed clean would we have continued?

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Such a loss and here am I dealing with this on my own. I cant imagine what your family goes through…but Know This!!!! You are loved , missed, thought of daily, and always will be my friend.

Damn I miss you Jordan. We were together for 16 years. She was one of only a few people I have ever connected with in my life, and it seemed instant the 1st time we met. We have 2 sons together who are diagnosed with autism, our oldest pretty severely affected.

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I remember when I met her and I felt like I was in some fantasy. She was way out of my league and then the problems started appearing; another guy, pills, drinking, drugs, jail, a traumatic crazy past you name it. She had to suddenly move in with me and she was soon pregnant. We were actually really happy about it. We had cleaned up our lives and we loved each other so much we wanted to share our love with a child.

Little did I know she was planning to leave me and have an abortion. I was devastated. She was gone and she destroyed all trace of our relationship. I was in a void. She called me a few weeks later begging me to see her, and I rushed to her. We restarted our relationship and she got pregnant again with our oldest son. I got a better job and it seemed like everything was going to be alright. Her adoptive parents died when she was still in her late teens and no one was really there for her after it happened. She went crazy for awhile.

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Bad relationships that resulted in more drugs, jail and kids she lost. Things I knew that poisoned her with guilt, shame, and insecurity. She regularly lashed out at me in histrionics, sometimes making up stories about outlandish things she feared I thought about. At times it seemed like, in her eyes, I was guilty of every injustice that she felt everyone had done to her. We had our 2nd son, and she started on pain pills after. She was super attentive to our 1st son. She kept him clean and happy and fawned all over him and I assumed she would be the same with our second son. It looked like she was cheating on me.

Gone every night and back barely before I had to leave for work.

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  • Gone as soon as I got home or sometimes before and we had 2 autistic sons in diapers. I missed her and I wanted her to get better and come home to us and eventually she did after several months and we stopped the divorce. My family wanted nothing to do with us and we had to leave town and move. She was on methadone and anxiety medicine and sometimes our life was good and sometimes bad again. She left and came back 2 different times in the following 3 years until I lost my job of 7 years and we had to leave town and move again.

    She tried to self ween herself off all the methadone, ADD and anxiety meds and she started using crack and heroin within months of our new life. It got really bad and we got her in Suboxone treatment. We were almost evicted multiple times and had cars repossessed but things started getting better. We had maybe a couple of years where our lives were going in the right direction but she started drinking and smoking pot and was getting messages from guys left and right even meeting with an ex boyfriend to get pot or money from him.

    The company I worked for was purchased and the new company wanted to hire me and move me and my family for a better opportunity and more money several states away. We found another Suboxone doctor where we were moving and we moved again. My wife decided to homeschool our sons and I was promoted and it seemed like she was better. She was drinking some but that got better.

    She started seeing an internist for Suboxone who also prescribed her ADD meds and something else to treat bi polar and she went into a hypo manic state where she was paranoid and accused me of cheating and doing terrible things to her and our sons and plotting to kill her. She was filing for divorce and a restraining order against me and calling the police telling them crazy untrue stuff about me.

    I proved to anyone who asked that the accusations about me were not true and that I am a good father and I got my sons back. I wanted her. Even still. Even though she did all of this, I knew she needed help and I reached out to her.