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For example, shop for the rings together and decide to propose to one another on a particular day. Or, keep it all a secret by surprising one another with rings and a creative proposal.

Follow Their Lead: One bride on our message boards, UponMidnight, says that she and her boyfriend proposed to one another on their seventh anniversary. The two chose unique engagement rings that matched each other's eyes. Laura and her girlfriend, Kathrine, had been together for three years when they started talking about getting engaged.

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It was just a matter of finding the right timing. Adding something personalized seems simple enough, but this idea takes it up a notch. For example, if she or he loves sunflowers, propose in a field of sunflowers. If it's art, pop the question in front of his or her favorite piece. Better yet, have a custom exhibit set up just for the proposal.

See what we mean?

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Inspired by his girlfriend Andrea's love of all things Harry Potter, Jaysin planned a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt proposal , complete with a custom video game! Each of the scavenger hunt clues came with a riddle that eventually led her to a UPS store, the public library and, finally, one of their favorite pubs, where he proposed. The best part?

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A spell casting and magic trick at the end. This doesn't have to be a skydiving proposal although we've heard of a few! It could be something much more on the mellow side, like writing a song just for her with lyrics that include "will you marry me? Follow Their Lead: One skilled wakeboarder got down on one knee while trailing a boat with his girlfriend. Oh yeah, and the entire thing was caught on video.

Hire a financial advisor and have him or her come up with a plan that works for you both. The biggest red flag is if your partner is not willing to budge on any of his or her views, Abiona said. Money can be a major source of arguments among married couples, even leading to divorce.


If you are in a happy relationship and are close to getting engaged, it can be impossible to imagine a time when you might become so fed up with your significant other that you would want to part ways. The best way to prevent that is to share everything about your finances, good and bad, and work out any problems before you commit to each other for life. Building your financial pyramid.

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RetireSmart k and pension plans.

6 Creative Proposal Ideas (Yeah, These Really Happened!)

Retirement Plans Government, education, healthcare, not-for-profit plans. Retirement Access k and pension plans. All Products and Services. Before the proposal: Reveal your assets and debts First, both parties should make a list of all of their assets — bank accounts, investment accounts, and properties — as well as any debt they may have from credit cards, student loans, car loans, or mortgages, and share it with their significant other, said financial planner Melinda Kibler , a portfolio manager with Palisades Hudson Financial Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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