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If the provider address is no longer valid, the post office will return the undeliverable mail to the Medicare contractor.

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Once your address has been updated with your local Part B MAC, please allow business days before sending notification to Railroad Medicare. You can access the tool at www. Answer: To look up an existing Railroad Medicare PTAN for an individual provider or supplier physician, non-physician practitioner, ambulance, laboratory, ambulatory surgical center, etc. Choose option 3 for Provider Enrollment and then choose option 0 to speak with a Provider Enrollment Specialist.

If you are employed by a clearinghouse or third-party biller, you must contact the provider to obtain the PTAN. If one of those scenarios applies to you, please call our Provider Contact Center at for assistance. Answer: To request a new Railroad Medicare PTAN for an individual provider or supplier physician, non-physician practitioner, ambulance, laboratory, ambulatory surgical center, etc.

If you are employed by a clearinghouse or third-party biller, please advise the provider to contact Provider Enrollment directly. Question: We are establishing a new group. Answer: In order to respond to written inquiries, Medicare regulations mandate that we verify the requestor is a Railroad Medicare provider. If you submit your request on your company or practice's letterhead, the letterhead must:. We value your opinion and want to provide the highest-quality and most relevant Medicare knowledge possible.

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Can my billing agency or clearinghouse update my provider enrollment record with Railroad Medicare? They have an explanation on the CMS site. I do believe that each doctor has their own PTAN, and their enrollment in Medicare would have the group information on the application. The group would have an NPI to bill under.


RichardP Hero Member Posts: This is a slight expansion on what DMK says. Groups must have PTANs, and individual providers are supposed to have them as well. A provider needs a PTAN for each organization they work for. They are used for I. The PTAN is tied to the registered address of the billing entity.

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Since your guys bill under the Group, the billing would go in with the Group's address. When [provider] enrolled in Medicare they sent a letter that showed completed enrollment and it also listed [provider's] PTAN number.

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If you need a new letter sent to the provider to obtain this number, you can call Medicare and request it be resent. I need it initially to enroll the group for EDI claims submission I am wondering it it will be one for each provider, or one for the group I dislike Medicare for all their red tape! Just curious.

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Have either of your chiro's applied to be Medicare providers and been accepted? How about the Group?

If yes , the Provider I. I direct your attention to the bolded sentence in my first post above. I should have been more specific. PTAN's are not used for billing. But they are tied to the registered place-of-service address of the billing entity. And they are also tied to the NPI number of the billing entity.

The billing you are talking about is being submitted by the Group - billing which is tied to its place-of-service address but also tied to the Group's NPI number in the billing info submitted. If you call for information about a particular billing, you must provide a PTAN that is not only tied to that place-of-service address, but also to the NPI Number submitted with the billing.

Whose NPI number gets submitted with the billing you are talking about?