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Sao Paulo. Rio de Janeiro. Belo Horizonte. I want to learn Show tandems from Find tandems. Jonatan, Also if you wanna practice your Portuguese feel free. My favorite topics Music, instruments, language, trips, and whatever you wanna talk about ;. Get the app. Evan, Chad, Ideal conversation exchange partner Fun female who loves music and social good. My favorite topics Music, travel, nature, food. Wally, Perfect language exchange partner Friendly and kind. I like to talk about tv shows and singers like Lana del Rey. My favorite topics Hi there.

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I lived in the United States and I speak like a native speaker. My passions and hobbies are languages, music, travel, dancing Mara, My conversation partner Easy-going, open-minded, responsive, talkative, engaging, creative. My learning goals Improving my Spanish grammar and expanding my vocabulary. I am highly conversational, but feel like I struggle to get to the next level. Rodolfo, My exchange partner is The ones that have some mutual interests, polite people,.

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My learning goals Improve my vocabulary, get better at reading and writing. My favorite topics Politics, space related topics, football, medicine and science. Renata, My exchange partner is Someone patient willing to help others. My learning goals Learning how to communicate clearly. My favorite topics Behavior. Mustafa, Ideal language community partner positive, open minded, smart. My favorite topics culture, countries, travel.

Felipe, Ideal conversation exchange partner Pessoas interessantes. Erick, Perfect language exchange partner Gave.

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My favorite topics I. Paolo, My conversation partner someone who lives in sao paulo and is fluent in Portuguese, and is dedicated. My learning goals Become fluent in Portuguese. My favorite topics philosophy, current affairs, technology. Charlie, My exchange partner is I'm open to talk with anyone. My learning goals A want to practice face to face conversation in Rio de Janeiro.

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Brandon, Ideal language community partner Interesting. My favorite topics Sports, culture, people.

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Gabriel, Ideal conversation exchange partner I'm open mind and calm,I'm talkative. My favorite topics Travel,cook,photography,Netflix. Lanna, Perfect language exchange partner Funny, smart, interessed. My learning goals Leaning the conversation methods for the lenguages i'm learning.

My favorite topics Books, movies, science, music, style, food, trips, psychology.

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Nathalie, My conversation partner Someone who wants to practice English with me! My learning goals I want to learn conversational Portuguese. My favorite topics Travel, Current Events. Alexander, My exchange partner is Romanian. My favorite topics Linguistics, Business. Dominich, My favorite topics I love to teach English. Ana, Ideal conversation exchange partner Someone kind, I don't ask for much. My learning goals Become fluent in Korean, so I can improve my social skills and understand new things.

I also really want to study abroad in Korea. My favorite topics I enjoy talking about new cultures, music, art or videogames, I am pretty open to anything, really. I love comics and action movies too, like DC or Marvel. Kayla, My learning goals I want to better my vocabulary. My favorite topics Anything but mostly music and traveling.

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