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Registration will be denied, you will not get new stickers and you won't be able to legally drive your vehicle. Even if you are exempt from emissions inspections you must have a safety inspection. Safety inspections are required every two years regardless of calendar or model years except for the vehicle's first 10 model years or , miles. New unused vehicles within first model year that has an odometer reading of fewer than 6, at the time of original sale by a vehicle manufacturer or licensed motor vehicle dealer to the first user;.

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According to state statutes, any motor vehicle more than 25 years old that is owned only as a collector's item and is used or intended to be used for exhibition and education purposed can be registered as an historic vehicle. When historic plates are first registered, a vehicles is not necessary. Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program. Search Search. What to know before you test Cost of testing Where to get tested? Does My Vehicle Need a Test? Vehicle Owner. Government fleets and military personnel vehicles in the St.

Louis area must have an emissions test. Click here for form and additional information.

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Vehicles that should test well ahead of their registration expiration date are:. Those who winter outside of Ohio. Test before leaving for the winter season. College students attending a school in Ohio that is not located in a testing county. Vehicles that may need repairs or have a Service Engine Soon light on.

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Test early to allow plenty of time for repairs before your registration is due. Children, seniors and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. Without the air quality benefits of E-Check, the harm to our air would be the equivalent of adding , cars to our roadways, or 15 new factories. To find out more about Ohio E-Check, visit www. Following these simple tips will help you breeze through the E-Check process.

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General All Tests 1. The emissions control equipment for your vehicle must be intact and functioning. Vehicles missing a catalytic converter will be rejected from the emissions test if that model vehicle was originally equipped with a catalytic converter. Removing or tampering with emissions equipment may cause your vehicle to fail the test. Follow recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle. Read the owner's manual and follow maintenance guidelines.

Your vehicle will perform more efficiently, increasing its chances of passing the emissions test. Regular maintenance includes periodic oil and filter changes and tune-ups. A gas cap is required equipment.

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It must be the correct type for your vehicle and be in place. Do not overfill the gas tank. When you fill your tank, resist the impulse to get just a "little bit more" into the tank after the nozzle clicks off.

The excess gasoline has nowhere to expand and may saturate a part of the emissions system. Safety for E-Check inspectors and customers is of the utmost importance; therefore vehicles demonstrating any of the following will be turned away:. If the "Check Engine" light is illuminated, your vehicle will fail the test. Have your vehicle repaired before having it tested.

BMW dealers can provide this service.