Filing for dissolution of marriage in ohio

The Dissolution is normally finalized the day of the hearing. Withholding Forms if child support ordered. Deviation Findings if child support deviated. Code Sec. The documents required are listed in the next column. Local Rule 21 Oh.

Divorce vs. Dissolution Explained: How to End a Marriage in Ohio

Both parties must attend the hearing. The parties must have been living separate and apart for 30 days prior to the hearing. If there are minor children, also file: Decree of Shared Parenting in Word format if Plan was filed with Petition Withholding Forms if child support ordered Deviation Findings if child support deviated Oh. If you have minor children, you should include a custody arrangement and child support amount. The separation agreement must be signed by both of you and be notarized. After you've completed your separation agreement, you must then obtain a form from the court or a legal document provider called a "Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

It includes the date and location of your marriage and notes that the manner in which you want to resolve property, custody, and support is contained in an attached separation agreement. As part of the petition, you must fill out a Financial Disclosure Affidavit. The affidavit is a sworn statement listing your respective incomes, assets and expenses.

You must include several additional "waiver" documents with the dissolution packet when you file your paperwork with the court.

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These are short and typically just require your signatures. The first is a Waiver of Service, which acknowledges that you have received a copy of the dissolution documents and you forgo your right under Ohio law to have the divorce paperwork physically delivered to you. You also need a Waiver of Venue, which gives up your right to object to the dissolution being filed in the wrong court. Next is a Waiver of Representation, which simply indicates that you and your spouse are aware that you could have hired attorneys but chose not to.

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What is a Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio?

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How to File For Divorce in Ohio

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