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In some situations, you can get a special document called a waiver to enter the United States with a criminal record. There are fees to pay and the process takes time. A lawyer can help you get a waiver, or you can contact Alter Justice , an organization that can answers general questions about waivers and criminal records free of charge. Service in English may vary. A waiver is not a pass or general permission to enter the United States.

It does not guarantee you will be allowed into the United States. Border agents can refuse you entry based on other rules or the discretion US law gives them. This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice.

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Search Career Advice. What to know about job hunting when you have a criminal past When it comes to getting hired, your past might not necessarily impact your future. Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor.

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Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience. Enter Your Email Address Warning goes here. To understand why, look no further than the host of background-check companies that will, for a price, hunt down records of long-ago convictions or arrests to help make their clients nervous about would-be employees or tenants. Never mind that studies into recidivism show that after a few years people with low-level crimes on their records are no more likely to commit new crimes than anyone else.

So much for restoration of rights. It could separate children and parents, for example in child custody proceedings.

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It could result in noncitizens being deported. The lost productivity and diminished career paths cost the economy, and the numerous impediments to full reentry encourage recidivism, leading to more crime and victimization. Current law gives people convicted of low-level crimes a way to avoid this trap: They can apply to have their records expunged. The former offender gets on with life unburdened by a criminal record.

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But very few people ever actually clear their records. Lawmakers came to see that it made more sense to just automatically wipe those records clean, without petitions, hearings or deadlines. A bill to do that was signed into law last year. Now lawmakers have in front of them AB , which would automatically clear records of all low-level crimes for people who already are eligible for expungement under existing law.

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The facts establishing eligibility would be determined by the attorney general and referred to the court for action. Its reach is modest.