Find out your car tire pressure

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Reduce pollution by keeping your tires at the proper pressure. Keep tires properly inflated.

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Maintaining proper tire pressure is like saving 10 cents per gallon! Proper pressure will also help your tires last longer and wear evenly—saving you money on tires, too. Check the "Tire and Loading Information" label on the driver's side door edge or in your owner's manual.

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Tips for tire inflation Be sure to measure the inflation pressure of your tires, including your spare, at least once a month. While doing so, take a moment to ensure that the tire is securely fastened to the vehicle. Use a good-quality gauge to measure the pressure of each tire. Step 1: Check inside your car's door or fuel flap for the manufacturer's sticker showing you the correct pressures for your car.

If you can't find the sticker or your car doesn't have one, ask the forecourt attendant to help you out. Step 2: Remove the cap from the tyre nozzle and push the air pump into it.

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You should now see a gauge window showing the tyre's current pressure. Step 3: If the tyre pressure is lower than the sticker says it should be: Squeeze the air trigger in short bursts to inflate the tyre until the pressure on the gauge reaches the correct level.

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If the tyre pressure is higher than it should be: Release air by pulling the pump nozzle away from the tyre valve a little bit. You'll hear a hissing noise as the air escapes.

Do this in short bursts until you reach the correct tyre pressure level. Tyre pressures are checked by your mechanic when your car is serviced.