Fat guy looking for someone to feed him

Then, respect the time they want to devote to these activities -- and don't nag if that means spending a little less time with you, Wolfe-Radbill says.

Be positive! This is the most important tip of all. When you're fighting a battle, says Wolfe-Radbill, nothing beats the feeling of knowing there's someone who believes in your ability to win.

Myth 1: ‘I eat only 1,000 kcal a day, but I don’t lose weight’

While it's vital for family and friends to concentrate on the positive things that can help a dieter, it's also important to check some negative habits at the door. Our experts offer this checklist of what not to do when someone you love is on a diet:. Don't tempt them. Respect the dieter's food choices, and don't tempt them with a "bite" or a "nibble. Don't become the "food police. As such, don't take on the role of reciting out loud everything a person eats, or locking away food you think they shouldn't have, or reprimanding them for eating the "wrong" thing.

Don't say anything to the dieter you wouldn't want said to you.

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While you may not be struggling with a weight problem yourself, Wolfe-Radbill says, think of a challenge you're trying to overcome, then think about how you'd feel if someone was "in your face" about it. Don't use judgmental language. Don't overdo -- anything! She reminds us that even when that kind of behavior is invited, it's easy to overdo it and come off as rude: "Keep a lid on the helpfulness, and when in doubt, think under-do, not overkill!


Even if it was your only meal of the day, you could be eating a hamburger and have people throw looks! It depends on the nature of your relationship with the person. If you know this is a sincere person who cares about you, you may not take offense.

Diet4Me, on the "Daily Journaling" message board, says she deals with judgmental people one person at a time. With other folks, you can turn the comment into a joke.

Say What? Coping With Comments About Your Weight

Then there are those you have to slam with a barbed insult. One man tells of being in a store with his daughter when an older woman came up to him and said, "I surely hope you won't let your daughter get fat like you. Try not to let these nincompoops bother you too much. Adela23 says sometimes she pops out with an honest reaction: "Gee, that's a rude thing to say.

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Even compliments "You've lost a TON" not being one of them are often difficult for people who are losing weight. Some dieters, Vieira-Baker says, take a compliment as meaning that maybe they were not in such a good place before.

Some formerly overweight people may be uncomfortable with compliments because they find them frightening, says Gillespie. Some people, of course, relish the sudden attention. Others aren't used to it, and aren't sure how to react. He also uncovers the twist in Michael's fetish website: not only are paying site members able to watch him feed and fornicate with obese women, but they can place bets on when each woman will die, using posted statistics on their body proportions, blood pressure, and other medical indicators.

In the cottage, Phillip finds Lucy's decaying remains and then confronts Michael; Michael reveals that he killed his mother and fed Lucy until she died. The slurry-like preparation he was attempting to feed Deidre through a tube contains some of the fat he had carved from Lucy's body. After a struggle, Phillip shoots Deidre, who maintains her love for Michael even as Philip tells her about his deceptions, and two shots can be heard off screen.

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The final scene reveals Phillip living in suburban bliss with Michael's overweight adoptive sister. He takes some sandwiches she has packed for him and drives to the cottage in the woods, where he eats them with gusto, pausing to tantalize Michael, who is in a wheelchair, with one. Michael, starving and emaciated, begs Phillip to, "feed [him]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Feed Theatrical release poster.