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See also Executors; Wills. See also Estates; Wills. See also Fees; Funds of client advances to attorney, advances to client, , attorney borrowing, client borrowing, contingent fee arrangement for investigative services, mark-up for recoupment of third-party expenses, requiring client to pay the defense expenses for the attorney if the attorney is joined as defendant, Back to Top Fees.

See also Compensation; Expenses. See also Fees. See Fees; Legal aid offices. Funds of client. See also Communication; Tribunals. See also Legal aid offices. See also Conflicts of interest. See also Tribunal. See Conflicts of interest. Jury communications with after trial, 26 , , Back to Top Knowledge of intended crime, Labor organization organization's attorney representing city employee member in grievance, Landsmen, Law firms.

See also Unauthorized practice of law. See Employees of law office. Legal opinions preparation for organization of public employees, Legal publications. See Advertising; Publications. See also Public office. See also Banks. Mass Mailings. See also Advertising; Solicitation. See also Clients; Conflict of interest. See also Advertising; Publications. See Laymen. Nonprofit association. See also Conflicts of interest; Law firm. See Medical examinations. See also City attorneys; County attorneys; Local government; Public office. See also Advertising; Newspapers.

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See Indigent clients; Legal aid office. Public employees preparation of opinion for, Publicity. See Advertising; Communications; Solicitation. Public office.

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See County attorney; Prosecuting attorney. See also Advertising; Employment; Lawyer referral service; Solicitation of business. See also Fees; Funds of client. See also Opposing party. Solicitation of business. See also Advertising; Communications; Employment; Lawyer referral service; Recommendations of professional employment.

Suppression of evidence, Surety. See also Bail bonds. Termination of employment. Threats in collection letters, of additional prosecution to avoid an appeal, Trade names, , , , Tribunals. See also Judges. See also Dual employment. See Jury. Therefore, if you are representing the client before an information or indictment has been filed, you should specify that once charges are filed the client must provide an additional retainer before you will file a notice of appearance.

Explain in writing that you represent the client only through trial and sentencing. Appeals and re-trials require a new fee and engagement agreement.

Specify whether you represent the client in related proceedings, such as civil lawsuits, forfeiture proceedings and licensing hearings. While you may be inclined to file an appearance in such matters to protect your client from incriminating himself, you may find yourself stuck in a lengthy and time-consuming case. Generally, a court appointment encompasses only the pending criminal case on which the defendant has a constitutional right to counsel.

Counsel appointed to a federal criminal case under the Criminal Justice Act [18 U. The Guidelines authorize you to seek an ex parte ruling in advance from the Court as to whether it will compensate you for the ancillary representation. Local jurisdictions may lack such written guidelines. Call the chambers of the judge who appointed you or the office which approves appointments and vouchers and ask.

Even when charging on an hourly basis you should obtain a retainer that approximates the total amount you anticipate charging on the case, or at least what you will need until you reach a stage in the representation at which you can demand that the retainer be replenished i.

Shortly before trial is not an optimum time to seek additional money because the judge is not likely to allow you to withdraw at that late stage. Once convicted, clients have little incentive or ability to pay outstanding legal bills, and perhaps even less incentive if acquitted. Frericks , N. The rules require that you maintain accurate records of the money in the account and its disposition. Conduct of State Bar of Calif. The client reasonably may not want to commit to a large retainer at the outset. The evergreen retainer can serve as an early warning that the client has payment problems while ensuring that you will get paid for work toward the end of the representation, a time when many clients believe they no longer need counsel.

Check the ethics rulings in your particular jurisdiction to determine whether nonrefundable retainers are permissible. Some jurisdictions forbid such retainers. Apland , N. Other jurisdictions permit nonrefundable retainers. Paul J. Kennedy Law Firm, F. Bar, R.

In any jurisdiction, the amount of the fee must be reasonable. Meshbesher , F.

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Hostility to nonrefundable retainers seems to be growing. Even if you do not face a disciplinary action for charging a nonrefundable retainer in a jurisdiction hostile to such arrangements, charging the wrong kind of fee can bring other inconveniences:. Both for these reasons and to budget your practice, you may want to bill and draw against a retainer, even a nonrefundable one, on a monthly basis rather than spending it all when received.

However, if the fee truly is nonrefundable and fully earned when paid, the Internal Revenue Service will consider it taxable in the year and quarter when paid, not when you draw on it.

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  • You have no obligation to inquire where your client obtained the money except where circumstances raise undeniable suspicion. Saccoccia , F. If a client suspected of bank robbery offers cash in bank wrappers, ask for a check. Follow these rules:. If you file a Form and fail to identify the source of the money, you will receive a form letter from the IRS urging you to supplement your Form filing before the IRS commences enforcement action against you.

    Generally, fee arrangements and client or payor identities are not privileged. United States , F. Blackman , 72 F. Sindel , 53 F. United States , 52 F. Forms are available at IRS offices or can be downloaded from its website, www.

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    Stein , F. Accepting payment from such sources is ethical as long as you guarantee all parties that your allegiance and duty of confidentiality run to the client, not the payor, and you advise your client of any potential conflicts and the client consents. Corona, F. Accepting representation under such circumstances may endanger your license, liberty and life.

    United States , 33 F.