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Perplexed, even outraged by the decadent culture around him, he matches our shock, our sense of imbibing something squalid when we experience GTA IV 's foul-mouthed, uncompromising parody.

And through him, even if we've spent time in the States ourselves, we feel as if we are seeing the country, albeit a slightly exaggerated version of it, for the first time. Less than ten years since GTA IV was released, Bellic's febrile, dumbfounded impression of our world seems almost to have come to life. Though originally a parody of the Patriot Act, the Jingoism Act, which permits the US government to spy on individuals regardless of probable cause, in light of the PRISM scandal , nowadays seems even more relevant.

Fear of foreigners may have been stoked back then by some politicians and some media, but the Senate was still willing to draft and discuss the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of , which would have provided legal status for 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the US. This year, however, we witnessed the Trump administration enact its travel ban, which sanctioned the detainment and interrogation of American citizens with foreign heritage.

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The United States is seriously contemplating a continent-spanning wall along its southern border. When he arrives in the US, rather than escape something, Bellic finds himself embroiled in familiar moral turmoil. The harsh lot of undocumented immigrants is something that GTA IV pointed to as a sign of American dysfunction and disappointment.

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With stories of wealth, women and status, Bellic's cousin Roman draws our player-controlled character to America. He has escaped one kind of poverty only to arrive at another. The country's healthcare reforms are under scrutiny. The Immigration Modernization Act has not, and likely will not, come to fruition.

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The FBI's investigation into Donald Trump's connections to Russia suggests a type of political corruption unseen since the Watergate scandal. There are no new beginning to be had here, and that message is more resonant now in an era that feels ever more fettered to old politics and resentments.

GTA IV 's ending, where either Niko's cousin or his true love are murdered and he is left disillusioned and alone, feels more faithful to the mood of our times than the raucous conclusion of GTA V. GTA V , if one completes the game as seems to be intended, concludes with Michael, Trevor and Franklin defeating the corrupt billionaire, Devin Weston, and transitioning to better lives.

Many of Stevie's if not all car thefts are also unique. To make this happen, spook a girlfriend while in the vehicle and after the cutscene where she gets out of the vehicle, the vehicle should become bullet-proof, explosion-proof, fire-proof and damage-proof.

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The vehicle will still deform, but will never start smoking, stall, or catch fire. The car's tires are bullet-proof too but the tires can catch fire and explode however. This trick applies for any vehicle including helicopters, although the helicopter still deforms and blades still break if they suffer any impact.

The vehicle then can be saved at any safehouses and keep these special abilities forever. Tested on PC and Xbox The Police Maverick is a police variant of the civilian Maverick.